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πŸŒ… Getting Started: Clockwork Universe for Investors
πŸŒ… Getting Started: Clockwork Universe for Investors

Your quick-hit companion guide to getting up and running in Clockwork Universe as an Investor user

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New to Clockwork Universe? Welcome aboard. We're here to help you make the most of all that Universe has to offer. We hope that Clockwork Universe will help you, your business, and your portfolio relationships better off than when you came. A few things we'd hope to achieve together:

1) Find your flow with monitoring your private investment portfolio

Lean on Clockwork Universe to help you organize and engage with portfolio company updates and investment data. Unlock meaningful collaboration with your founders to promote the success of your portfolio.

2) Build better habits and consistency around how you track your investments

In the best-case scenario, your founders communicate frequently. Clockwork Universe offers a space to organize the data and actionable insights from founders in a single place. Founder updates will help you stay organized and informed so you can measure the health of your active portfolio and your appetite for future investments. Clockwork Universe creates a space to organize your research on prospective investments undergoing due diligence.

3) Master portfolio performance tracking

Clockwork Universe's portfolio tools help you aggregate and assess portfolio performance from individual investment transactions. Tracking investment costs versus carrying values regularly can give you a clear understanding across your active investments.

4) Explore the opportunities to engage your founders

There's no 'one size fits all' reporting style within Clockwork Universe. We've created tools for founders to build better communication with their investors that don't need to emerge once every few months. Encouraging your founders to integrate with Clockwork Universe and sharing real-time performance information can foster honesty and transparency.

5) Discover new value (and enjoyment) in your founder relationships

You'll find that portfolio management is not a burden but a natural and supportive process to the growth of your founders. Assessing your portfolio companies' strengths and challenges and communicating about them frequently will open opportunities to maximize portfolio performance.

Onboarding Goals to Becoming a Clockwork Universe Allstar

Below is a brief list of the essential skills to master as an Investor user of Clockwork Universe.

The following guides are intended to help you achieve these goals with ease:

New Features

Check out the New Features button on the lefthand gutter menu to see all the new additions to the platform. Check out our Propose New Features guide, for a step by step guide to propose new features to our team!

Where to Find More Support

Our team is here and ready to support your needs at every turn. Here are a few of the best ways to reach us:

Help Desk

Our Support Center has all the answers you need to navigate through the features, tools, settings, and tricks of Clockwork Universe. The article base is divided into four core sections:

  • Updates: Discover everything about sending communications through Clockwork Universe.

  • Getting Started: Explore the immediate basics of Clockwork Universe.

  • Investment Management: Explore everything about portfolio monitoring.

  • Discover: Explore existing companies and create new ones for data storage and investment tracking.

  • Account & Security: Understand your account access and technical aspects.

  • For Limited Partners: Find everything related to limited partner accounts.

  • Resources: Access other educational resources.

  • Files and Content: Easily upload, store, and access both shared and personal documentation.

  • Investor Management: Learn how to create, manage, and update your investors.

  • Metrics: Learn how to keep track of, update, and share metrics in Clockwork Universe.


Need to talk to someone? Click on the Need Help? Button in the lefthand gutter menu anywhere within the app to access our Intercom tool.

Here you can find links to our support center, help articles, and the ability to message our support team with any questions you may have. Please allow some time to respond, but rest assured that we will get back to you with the correct answers.

Onboarding Video Library

Our team uses Loom to record helpful onboarding videos and product tours. These videos are embedded at the tops of individual help articles in the Support Center You can also access the complete video tutorial library on our Clockwork Universe Loom site.

Email Us

Email any member of our team and we'll point you in the right direction.

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