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In-App Updates are powerful tools to help you keep your investor base informed. The primary tools in Clockwork Universe are Announcements, Documents, Notes, and Emails.

Documents: What Are They and Why Use Them

Documents is a tool that helps post and upload media to Clockwork Universe. It is available to all user types. Investor and Fund Manager Users can benefit most from adding documents to portfolio company pages. Founder Users can benefit from sharing documents directly with Investors / Fund Manager Users.

How to Add a Document

For Founder users: by clicking the Celeste button at the bottom right corner of your company profile page or by going to the Updates tab.

For Investor users: on any company profile or portfolio page.

For Fund Manager users: on the Organization Profile page or any portfolio page. Click the Celeste (+) button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can also create documents by going to the Updates menu under Investor Relations.

The Document creation window looks as follows:

*The Document creation window looks nearly identical to that of the Note and Announcement creation window. The core difference is that you may only add one media item per Document post instead of a Note or Announcement, allowing multiple media attachments per post.

Select Publishing Timing

Include a title for your Document, and then select the publish date. When you're finished adding all of your content and files for the Document, click the Publish button in the top right-hand corner to publish the Document.

Add media attachments for your Document, such as PDFs, Word/Excel/PowerPoint, images, recordings, etc., in the Add Media section. To remove media, click the 'X' button at the top right of the media asset, as shown above.

Add an Additional Message

Add supplementary descriptive content in the Additional Message Section, as shown below. This will serve as identifying text to compliment your Document. You can transform and format the text in this section by highlighting it.

Set Post Sharing Permissions

In the top right corner of the editor window, you can adjust the sharing permissions of the Document by clicking on the Share Settings button. You can change the access level of your group, as well as the Clockwork Universe Community or add new Lists, Groups or Users to share the note with them. For a thorough overview of how sharing and permissions work, refer to our Permissions & Sharing guide.

Tag Your Post for Easier Filtering

You can add a tag to your post, such as "Pitch Deck" or "Portfolio Analysis," for easier filtering among Documents and other posts on your profile page. Type your tag name into the entry field and click the plus "+" button. You may add multiple tags and remove them as you wish.


If you leave an update before clicking "publish" (or accidentally click away), a draft will be automatically saved as long as the "Draft Saved!" banner shows up on the update settings bar.

You will be able to find and access your draft update on the Updates tab. Draft updates will be tagged accordingly and will only be visible to the creator of the draft.

By clicking on the draft update, you can access the update builder to continue working on it. If you wish to delete the draft update, simply click on the red trash icon next to the Share Settings button.

View Your Posted Document

A preview of your Document will appear as follows on your profile page once the Document has been posted.

If you click on the post, it will take you into a viewing explorer of the complete Document, as shown below.

Here you can view the uploaded media and supplementary text, as well as any tags added to the document. At the top you will see the Analytics and Log options. By clicking on the Share Settings button on the top bar you will display the list of Users and Groups to whom the Document has been shared.

Edit Your Posted Document

To edit the Document, click on the Edit Update button in the upper-righthand corner to enter editing mode, as shown below:

While in editing mode, you will be able to edit content such as the title, body text, and post media. Some key restrictions apply to when you can edit this content. You have 48 hours from the posting time to make a change to your post if you've shared it with any external parties. After this grace period, the post's content is locked. We lock the content to preserve trust between parties and ensure that the updates or media within Clockwork Universe aren't later manipulated. This restriction only applies to Founders and Fund Managers.

To learn more please feel free to reach out through our Intercom chat or send us an email at

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