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View Send, Delivered, and Open Receipts
View Send, Delivered, and Open Receipts

Confirm your email went to everyone it was supposed to, and see who has taken a look (and who hasn't)

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After you've sent an Investor Update Email to your recipients, you might be curious whether the letter was received and explore who's taken a look. This feature will help Founders and Fund Managers Users confirm that the updates aren't sending to outdated investor emails and are being read.

Where to Go First: Find the Sent Email in Universe

First things, first. You will need to find the sent email within Clockwork Universe. You can do this by either:

  • Click the Emails tab in the left-hand gutter menu to navigate your Sent Emails. Find the desired email and click the asset, as shown below.

  • Or, you can navigate to the sent email on your Company Profile Dashboard or Fund Profile and click it, as shown below.

  • Or, you can find the sent email within the Updates tab, alongside all other sent updates, and click it, as shown below.

Navigate to the Recipients Tab

The following window will appear once you've clicked the email preview from any previous steps. Click on the Recipients tab on this page.

Here you'll see performance stats on the letter, including the Total # of Emails Delivered alongside the current Open Rate.

Below the performance details, you'll see a list of every recipient, followed by the date and time of the latest state and the latest state displayed. The followed states are possible for each recipient:

  • Sent โ€“ the email has successfully left Clockwork Universe and is on its way to the recipient

  • Delivered โ€“ the email has successfully landed in the recipient's email inbox but has not yet been opened.

  • Opened โ€“ the email has been opened by the recipient.

As shown in the image below, you can expand each recipient row to see the date and time for each state along the email's journey with that individual.

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