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Create and Manage Fund Portfolios
Create and Manage Fund Portfolios

Step-by-step instructions to building and managing Investment Portfolios in Clockwork Universe.

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Fund portfolios are now part of the new investor management suite in Clockwork Universe. With this type of portfolio, you gain the ability to include investors in a regular investment portfolio and keep track of each investor's position within the portfolio. Additionally, you can monitor their commitments and pro-rata valuation in relation to the fair market value of the portfolio.

Creating a New Fund Portfolio

To create a new fund portfolio, navigate to the Investments tab in the left-hand gutter menu. Previews of previously created Pipeline, Invest portfolios, or Fund Portfolios will appear here, as shown below. This guide will explore the creation and management of Fund portfolios. If you wish to explore Pipeline or Invest portfolios, you can refer to our other guides: Create and Manage Pipeline Portfolios and Create and Manage Invest Portfolios

To create a new portfolio, click the "+ New Portfolio" button located below the portfolios. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select the portfolio type, title, and the companies that will comprise your portfolio.

Note: You can leave the company section blank at this stage, since you can always add companies to the portfolio at a later stage. You can always change the portfolio name in the future.

The main difference between Invest portfolios and Fund portfolios, is the addition of the Investors Tab at the top of the portfolio page.

To read more on how to add commitments, transactions, distributions and fair market values to an invest portfolio please check out our other article HERE!

Clicking on the Investors Tab will allow you to add any investors that are a part of the Fund Portfolio. Starting from the top, on the page you can see the Investor Summary table that will display the aggregate values of Committed Capital, Capital Called, Number of Investors, Unfunded Commitment, Distributions and the Total Holding Value.

On the Investors table below, you can add investors to the fund and create the specific transactions for each of them.

  • To Add Investors: Click on the + Add Investor button at the top right corner of the Investors table. Use the search bar or navigate to the investor you want to add and click on the blue check mark that will appear to the right.

  • To add transactions: Click on the Create Transaction button next to the + Add Investor button. Here, you can create a transaction just as you would for a regular investment portfolio. For more information, please refer to our other article on How to Use Transactions.

Note: Please keep in mind that in order to add an investor to this list, it first has to be created from the Investor Management tab in the Investor Relations menu. For more information please check out this other article Creating and Managing Investor Lists.

Other Investor Management Features

Share Settings

With the investor management suite you can control exactly what you want your investors to see, and even see an investor account as they see it.

While on a Fund Portfolio, click on the three-dot button located at the top right of the portfolio page. This will display a dropdown menu where you can access different portfolio settings. Click on the Share Settings button to choose what your investors are able to see

The Share Settings Menu will appear to the right. Here you can choose what sections the investors are able to see. You can also edit for all the investors in the portfolio or for each particular investor.

You can click on each of the sections to be even more granular with the sections you want to share.

Note: Always make sure to save your changes after editing.

Preview As

After choosing the settings you want to share with your investors, you can confirm what they will see by clicking on the Preview As button in the portfolio settings menu

Choose from the investor list in the next menu and choose the investor's account you would like to see and click Preview.

This will display an exact copy of the way the investor is seeing his account. You can use this feature to make sure you know exactly the information your investors are seeing and to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise with investor's accounts.

Note: Notice the grey tag at the top right corner of the screen. This indicates you are currently previewing as a portfolio investor. To go back to the fund view, simply click on the Go Back button on the grey tag.

Multi-Transaction Uploader

To access the Multi- Transaction Uploader, click on the three-dot button at the top right of the Investment Holdings table and select "Add Multiple Transactions". This will open a new window where you can create as many transactions as you need. Alternatively, you can easily copy and paste from an Excel file in the same format to add multiple transactions at once.

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