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Creating an Investor List in Universe
Creating an Investor List in Universe

A guide on how to create an Investor list using the investor management feature in Universe.

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In every Fund Manager group you have the ability to access the Investor Management tab, under the Investor Relations sub-menu on the left hand menu. The Investor Management feature allows you to create a list of investors that you can use later use in any fund portfolios you create. It also works as an internal contact list where you can add different contact information such as email address, phone, Linkedin and Crunchbase information and a lot more.

To access the Investor Management page, click on Investor Relations on the left hand gutter menu. This will display a sub-menu where you will find the Investor Management page.

There are two ways you can add investors to this section:

  1. Manually, using the +Add New function

  2. Using a .CSV file to upload multiple investors

Adding Investors using the +Add New button

This option is recommended anytime you need to add new investors to the list and it should be the default option.

To add a new investor, click on the + Add New on the top right corner. This will open a new gutter menu on the right-hand side of the screen, where you can start adding information.

Here, you can begin to associate basic information to the investor profile like Investor type (Individual or Organization), Name, Email Address, Website, Phone and Address, and even add a profile picture.

Note: Even though there are a lot of fields you can fill in for an investor profile, the only required field is the Name. Feel free to leave all the other fields blank as you can always edit and add more information later.

The next section allows you to add additional data like social media, legal structure infromation, and even some financial fields. Of course, all of the fields in the second page are optional.

In the final section, you will find a toggle switch that allows you to send the investor an invitation to join Clockwork Universe. You can include a personalized message, or use the option we have for default. When you choose to send an invitation to your investors, an investor group will be created in the system. To see more information on what investors can see please see our other article [Permission Settings and Preview as].

Note: We always suggest letting your investors know an inivte to the platform is coming before sending a system-generated invitation.

There is no need of sending invitations to investor groups right away, since you can always go back and add new members or remove existing ones later on.

Finally, once you create the investor, you will see the following window where you will be asked if you would like to create an Investment Vehicle with the same data.

Investment Vehicles are necessary for associating transactions to an investor in a Fund Portfolio. Every investor needs to have at least one Investment Vehicle in order to be added to a portfolio. We always suggest creating an investment vehicle with the same data as the newly created investor profile.

Using a .CSV file to upload multiple investors

The first time you upload your investor list to Universe, you will probably have quite a long list of investors that might take a long time to upload one by one using the "+Add New" button. For this reason, you can create and upload a single .CSV file containing all of your investor database to speed up the process.

To download the .CSV template file, click on the Import button at the top right corner of the Investor Management screen. You will see the following pop up screen where you can upload your .CSV file once it it ready. You can download a .CSV template by clicking on the option below the Browse Button.

Fill in the .CSV file using the existing rows as an example and upload it by using the Import button. You will see the following interface show up:

In this screen, you can see all the entries that were imported from the .CSV file you uploaded. You can add or change the information in each investor profile.

Important: Investors that need reviewing will be uploaded showing a red triangle next to the Investor Name. You need to go through all errors before the file can be imported.

When there are no more errors, click Add Investors to create all the investor profiles imported.

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