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Everything you need to know about File Management in Clockwork Universe.

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Getting Started

The Files menu is the new file management addition to Clockwork Universe. It is the place where users can see all of the files that they have uploaded or received access to in the platform.

In this menu, you will be able to see any files that have been shared with you from company updates, as well as any files that you uploaded through your own updates.

To access this menu, simply click on the Files option at the bottom of the left hand gutter menu.

Unreconciled Files

Unreconciled Files are any files that get uploaded to a group in Universe and are not yet attached to a published update in the system.

Whenever you upload a file to Clockwork Universe the files will automatically get added to the Files menu as Unreconciled. Unreconciled files will appear by clicking the filter menu at the bottom right corner, clicking the Unreconciled option a purple dot will appear, turn it off or on to see the needed files.

You can filter through Unreconciled files in the system to see what files are still waiting to be published in an update.

Any files that you upload to an update (regardless if that update is published or not) will be added to the File management tab. This allows you to reference the same files you had previously uploaded to the system in any other updates you create.

Tip: You can now upload a large amount of files to your File Management tab that will get uploaded as unreconciled. You can then go to create an update and reference only the unreconciled files without having to look through your local library.

Storage Space

All groups in Clockwork Universe have an initial maximum storage of 2GB. This storage space, will only be used by documents uploaded by members of your group (unreconciled or not), and does not include any documents shared with any member of your group through other groups. This storage space can also be expanded if requested by the user.

Attach files to an update

This file management database, allows users to reference in an update any files that exist within the file manager. This way, whenever you are creating a new update, you can simply reference existing files in Universe instead of looking through your computer's file library. This enables other members of your group to have access to any files in your file management library and collaborate when creating new updates.

File Meta Data

All files that are uploaded to the file management tab will have some additional information associated to them such as:

  • User that uploaded it

  • Date and time of update

  • Updates where it is included

  • Size and format

File Filters

In the File management tab you are able to use different filters to display different sets of files within your library. Filter using the unreconciled toggle button to see only the documents that are still waiting to be added to an update and remove any documents that have already been included in one. You can also filter by Publicly shared files, Update time and Files formats.

Use the Include publicly shared files toggle to see any public updates that any other group in Universe has published. This toggle will be set to the off setting by default to make sure that you only see updates relevant to you (either published by you, or shared with you directly from another company or group).

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