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Clockwork Universe's New Industry Classification List
Clockwork Universe's New Industry Classification List

Helping You Accurately Classify Your Private Investments

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At Clockwork, we’re committed to providing our investors with the best possible investment experience. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our new, proprietary industry classification list, designed to be up to date with emerging industries.

Our updated classification list now includes sectors like Green Energy and Web3, enabling you to classify your private investments more accurately. By doing so, we can help you gain a clearer assessment of your portfolios' exposure, leading to better-informed investment decisions.

Why is a proprietary classification system important?

Categorizing investments by sector and industry helps ensure unparalleled consistency in our investment approach. This consistency provides valuable intellectual property for the platform, ensuring that all investments are evaluated and compared using the same criteria. With our updated classification list, we can identify investment opportunities that may be missed by other platforms by offering a more detailed and refined perspective of the market, allowing you to identify new opportunities and boost your confidence as an investor.

To develop our new industry classification list, we conducted extensive research on existing classifications, such as Pitchbook and CB Insights. Additionally, we also researched newly emerging industries to ensure that our classification list remains relevant and up to date.

What is the difference between sector and industry?

It’s essential to understand the difference between sectors and industries. Our industry classification system consists of 26 sectors and 165 industries. Sectors are broader categories that encompass multiple industries, while industries are narrower categories that focus on a specific area of business activity. They help categorize and organize companies and businesses into specific groups based on their products, services, or activities.

It’s worth noting that many companies today have diversified their products or services and operate in multiple industries. Even with a complete and specific industry classification, it is possible for a company to fit into more than one industry due to the extent of its business activities.

We’re confident that through this update, Clockwork Universe can help you garner actionable insights about your private investments.

Take a look at our new industry classification list here or get in touch with our team thought our intercom chat or by sending us at email to our support email [].

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