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Universe Glossary
Universe Glossary

This support article is meant to provide definitions of some of the most used terms across the Clockwork Universe platform.

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This glossary aims to offer clear definitions for the terminology commonly employed within the Clockwork Universe platform. Familiarity with these terms will empower users to navigate the app proficiently and extract maximum value from the system.

User Accounts and Groups




Groups are spaces in Clockwork Universe that can be accessed by multiple users. There are four different group types in the platform, each with its own features: Investor, Fund Manager, Limited Partner, and Founder.


Users are the means by which people can access and interact with groups in Clockwork Universe. Users are added to groups and can have access to one or multiple groups.

Group Types



LP Group

LP or Limited Partner accounts are a type of group sponsored by a Fund Manager group. These groups enable Fund Managers to grant access to their investors on the platform, allowing them to view their individual positions in the fund as well as relevant communications and updates.

Investor Group

This type of account is designed for individual investors. It includes investment-oriented features such as an Investments tab, a Metrics tab, and an Updates tab for easy access to holding updates.

Fund Manager Group

This type of account combines the best features of Founder accounts and Investor Accounts, with the added ability to create and manage LP accounts. Fund Managers have access to investment-oriented features as well as communication-oriented features.

Founder Group

This type of account is designed for founder teams. It includes communication-oriented features such as an Updates Feed, an Investor Update Email (IUE) builder, and a Metrics tab. Founder groups are how users can access a Holding profile in the platform.

Organization Group

Organization profiles are generated in Clockwork Universe when a user creates a fund as a new holding. Organization profiles are Fund Manager groups that have not been claimed by a user on the platform. These groups enable the creation of funds, which can then be added to a portfolio. Organization profiles can later be claimed as a Fund Manager group by the team.




Pipeline Portfolio

Pipeline portfolios allow you to track holdings under a specific stage or criteria. Pipeline portfolios can also be converted into investment portfolios at any time, but they cannot be reverted back into pipelines.

Invest Portfolio

Invest Portfolios allow you to group and track holdings, while also enabling you to add transactions. Invest portfolios generate a quantitative summary with high-level calculations using the portfolio transactions and Fair Market Values.

Fund Portfolio

Fund Portfolios are only available to Fund Manager groups and allow you to track holdings and transactions, while also providing the ability to include investors and individual transactions. Fund portfolios are the means through which Fund Manager groups can share transaction information with their LP accounts.

Platform Features



Discover Page

The Discover page in Clockwork Universe is where all existing holdings are grouped, essentially working as a list of all of the holdings in the platform. In the Discover page, users can filter holdings by its own portfolio holdings, Industries, Location, group tags, and more.


Holdings in the platform are spaces that can be added to a portfolio. They work as a data rooms where groups can add updates and metrics. Holdings in CWU can be companies, real estate properties, cryptocurrency or any other asset.


Inbounds are the means by which you can connect Clockwork Universe to begin tracking content from a specific email address or Google group. Once an inbound channel is active, the system will begin using it as a source to generate suggested updates that will be available under the Updates tab. The inbound setting can be accessed under Group Settings.

Communications and Updates




An update is any form of communication that can be sent through the platform. In-app updates include Announcements, Documents, and Notes. Updates can be created from a specific Portfolio or Holding page or directly from the Updates feed. Updates can be shared with individual users or groups. When shared with a group, all users within the group will have access to the update.

Suggested Updates

Clockwork Universe has the ability to track an inbox address for you. All relevant emails will be added to your Universe Updates feed as a Suggested Update. Suggested updates need to be approved by the user in order to become updates. You can edit the text as well as the share permissions before generating the update.


Announcements are a type of in-app update that enables users to share brief news about their company or holdings with other users. They are similar to notes, as they can accept multiple documents along with a text description. Announcements are primarily used to provide quick updates about a user's company to others. They can only be created through the Updates page within Fund Manager, Investor, and Founder groups.


Notes are a type of in-app update that allows users to upload a description as well as multiple documents. These updates are primarily used for call notes, company updates, announcements, and even company data rooms. It's important to note that documents attached to these types of updates can be downloaded but not previewed.


Documents are a type of in-app update that allows user to upload a single document that can be previewed in the system by anyone who has access. Documents are mostly used to upload tax documents, capital statements, or any other .PDF format document that you would like to be able to preview.

Investor Update Email (IUE)

IUEs (In-App Update Emails) are the exclusive out-of-app updates that can be generated in Clockwork Universe. These updates are exclusively available to Fund Manager groups and Founder teams and can be created by accessing the IUE builder under the 'Emails' button in the main menu. IUEs are sent as regular emails to the selected recipients. Furthermore, for recipients who also have a Clockwork Universe account, the IUE will be saved to their updates feed as a typical in-app update.


Transactions are a type of in-app update that is always associated with a portfolio. These updates are exclusively available to Investor groups and Fund Managers and serve as the means by which users can add investments and distributions to their Investment or Fund portfolios. Transactions are managed by portfolio and holding and will also appear in the updates feed of the portfolio in which they were created.

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