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Clockwork Universe Investments Page

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your investments performance in Clockwork Universe

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When you first log in to your Clockwork Universe account, the first thing you will see is the Investments page. Here you will be able to access all the information associated with your transactions.

All Investments

If you have more than one investment portfolio, Universe will automatically generate an "All Investments" view, which is your default landing page when you access the Investments menu.

This view aggregates all transactions across all of your portfolios into a single view, providing you with all the Investment Summary calculations you would find in a regular portfolio. You can also drill down into individual transactions by holding. In this view, you can see an aggregate Updates Feed that includes updates from all of your holdings.

💡Note: While the "All Investments" view allows you to see transactions at an aggregate level, you cannot add or modify existing transactions for any of your holdings; it's a read-only view. To add or edit transactions or fair market values, you need to go to the portfolio where the holding was originally added.

Navigating Portfolios

In the Investments menu, you can see your existing portfolios displayed at the top of the screen horizontally. You can click on the small arrow icon to display a dropdown menu to better visualize all of your existing portfolios.

To learn more about the different types of portfolios in Clockwork Universe and how to create them, you can refer to the following dedicated support articles:

You can pin portfolios to the far left by clicking on the pin icon next to the portfolio name. By pinning portfolios, you can choose the order in which they are displayed on your Investments page.


In the Investments view, you can also filter your investments by different criteria, such as:

  • Sectors & Industries

  • Portfolios

  • Portfolio Holdings

  • Group Tags

To filter your investments, click on the top-right filter icon. This will display a side menu as shown below.

Here, you can choose the criteria you want to filter by, and a new view will be generated automatically by the system as you add more requirements.

If you want to save a filter, simply click on the Save button below the applied filters list. This will prompt a pop-up menu where you can give that view a name and save the new filter. Once you save the filter, it will become available as a new portfolio at the top of the page.

To edit, rename, or delete an existing filtered view, simply click on the three-dot button at the top right of the screen while in the filtered portfolio.

💡 Note: All filters, like portfolios, are group-owned. This means that all members of your group will be able to see, edit, and delete the filters you have created, as if it were another portfolio.

Visualization by Portfolio Type

In the Investments page, you can choose which types of portfolios you want to see by clicking on the eye icon next to the portfolio list.

This feature allows you to select the types of portfolios you want to display in the portfolio menu. You can turn on or off fund, invest, or pipeline portfolios, as well as filtered portfolios, in order to streamline your Investments page.

To learn more about the investments page, feel free to check out our other Investment Management support docs or reach out to our team at

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