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System Metrics for Individual Investors
System Metrics for Individual Investors

Everything you need to know on how system metrics work.

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This guide will cover the System Metrics within CW Universe. These metrics are automatically generated by the system and are designed to provide you with enhanced historical insights into your investment portfolio, offering a more comprehensive view of your portfolio's performance.

Calculated Metrics in the Dashboard

Clicking on the Metrics tab in the left-hand menu will take you to the metrics portal. Here, you can view all your existing company metrics as well as the automatic system metrics generated by the system. System metrics will be labeled as 'CW Universe Calculated'.

System Metrics by Portfolio

A new set of System Metrics will be generated for each of the Invest-type portfolios you have in your Universe group, and they will be categorized under each portfolio's name. Each set of metrics will provide a historical view of all the portfolio summary metrics available on the portfolio page.

System Metrics Update Frequency

The system metrics are updated every time there is new transaction or FMV data added to a portfolio. After updating values in a portfolio, it may take some time to see the changes reflected on the metrics page, usually not more than a few minutes.

The updated metrics will be displayed on your screen, as shown below.

These metrics behave just like any other metrics card, and you can access more information by clicking on the metric title or by clicking the 'View Metric Details' button under the three-dot menu on the far right of each metric card.

Keep in mind: It's important to remember that, like all system-calculated data, the system metrics depend entirely on the inputs you provide the system with. Make sure that your portfolios are as up-to-date as possible to ensure that the system metrics reflect the most accurate picture of your portfolio's performance.

Export CSV

If you would like to export any of your metrics, you can download a .CSV file by clicking on the 'Export CSV' button under the three-dot menu on the far right of any of the metric cards.

You can also export a file containing all of your metrics by clicking on the 'Export All' button in the top-right corner of the Metrics page, as shown below.

Set Group milestone

As with all metrics in Universe, you can set milestones for any of the system-generated metrics. This will allow you to track progress toward your objectives. To set a group milestone, click the three-dot button on the far right of the metric you want to add the milestone to and enter a value and a target date. You can also set alerts to be notified when the milestone is met or when it reaches 70% completion.

Metric Log

You can view the Metric Log for any metric card to see the history of all changes and adjustments made over time. You can access the metric log by clicking on the three-dot button to the right of any metric card and selecting 'Metric Log', as shown below.

For more information on system metrics, or any other feature in Clockwork Universe, please feel free to reach out to our support email ( or through our Intercom Chat.

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